Jinx’s Magic: Setting The Bar High For MG Fantasy

Jinx’s Magic is written by Sage Blackwood. It was published in 2014 by Katherine Tegen. It is the sequel to Jinx.

Jinx knows he can do magic. But he doesn’t know why he’s being stalked by a werewolf with a notebook, why the trees are starting to take back the only safe paths through the Urwald, or why the elves think Jinx and the evil Bonemaster are somehow connected. Jinx’s perilous search for answers takes him to the desert land of Samara, where, according to the wizard Simon, he just might find the ancient magic he needs to defeat the Bonemaster and unite the Urwald. But Jinx finds himself in a centuries-old conspiracy that places the Urwald in even greater danger.

I had a big fat grin on my face the entire time I was reading this book. It has such charm to it and Jinx is so endearing that I never wanted the book to end. It’s also funny, and I love the magic system, especially KnIP. Blackwood writes compellingly and immediately sucked me into the world.

While the first quarter of the book was incredibly frustrating due to Revin, I was still engaged with it from the very beginning (hence the frustration). I found myself getting anxious for Jinx’s sake and hoping that the Urwald unites to fend off the inevitable danger from four sides: Keyland, Bragwood, Samara, and the Bonemaster. I loved the growth Jinx showed throughout the book, actually listening to those around him instead of either thinking he knew better or getting frustrated, and the confrontation Blackwood is building up promises to be a good one, both in terms of plot engagement and character development.

Also, Jinx versus the preceptors in the Urwald was so awesome, even though you know that rift and the preceptors themselves will come back to haunt him.

Rating: 5/5

Recommended Age Range: 12+

Warnings: The Bonemaster remains creepy.

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy

“You’re from Angara?”

Apparently that was the sort of news that got around fast about a person. “Yes.”

“Right in Agnopolis, or out in the country?”

“Um, yeah. Agnopolis.”

“Cool,” said Satya. “I spent six months in Agnopolis brushing up on my Herwa. Go Grapemen, eh?” She stuck her fist out.

Gack! Jinx tried hard to hide his alarm. He stuck his fist out too and said, “Yes. Go. Exactly.”

Overall Review:

Jinx’s Magic sucked me in right from the beginning and made me eager for the next book. It’s deliciously funny and light-hearted, yet still has its serious and tense moments, dealt with superbly by Blackwood. This book is mostly set-up for the next one, but there’s still enough conflict and growth to make the characters endearing and memorable. I’ll repeat what I said about Jinx: this book gave me all the feels.

You can buy this here: Jinx’s Magic

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