May 2019 Books

Around the beginning of each month, I’ll take a look back at the books I read from last month. Since most of the book reviews I post on this blog are from books I read months ago, this gives all my readers a good opportunity to see what I’ve been recently reading, as well as how my reading goals are going!

As a side note, you can see every book I am currently reading on both the Goodreads sidebar on this blog as well as on my Goodreads profile.

Books read in May: 21

I finished my Newbery Medal reading goal this month! Those posts will be rolling out weekly on Saturdays (for those who don’t know, I have a backlog of reviews–what I post on my blog does not reflect what I am reading currently. For that, check my Goodreads sidebar or profile). I may dedicate a week just for Newbery Medal posts, so I can get those finished up.

New goals: I have an unofficial goal of one nonfiction book a month, which I’ve more or less stuck to so far. I also want to read one or two books on each major war. Another goal I’m thinking about is one classic book a month.

Reading Goals:

Newbery Medal Winners: 3 (97/97 total)


Dear America: 2

Other Reading Stats:

*These stats are separate from goals (so, for example, even though Newbery Medal winners count as children’s books, I do not include them in my children’s stats) and from each category (rereads will not count in their respective genres)

Non-fiction: 3

Adult fantasy: 2

Adult fiction: 4

Rereads: 2

Children’s: 0

Middle Grade: 2

Young Adult: 1

Publisher Copies (or Christian fiction): 2