Wednesdays in the Tower: “You’re Not A Roc”

Wednesdays in the Tower is written by Jessica Day George. It was published in 2013 by Bloomsbury. It is the sequel to Tuesdays at the Castle. George’s website can be found here.


“Wednesday at Castle Glower is an ordinary, ho-hum sort of day. No new hallways, no extra turrets, no sudden changes. At least according to Princess Celie, who knows the Castle better than anyone. So Celie is surprised when, one Wednesday, she happens upon a new tower, with a new room, and a giant orange egg hidden inside.

Celie doesn’t know what to do, and neither does her brother Bran, the new Royal Wizard. But the Castle knows. As staircases spring up and doorways disappear, the Castle’s plan becomes clear: Celie is to care for the egg and whatever creature it hatches! Of course, she hadn’t bargained for a pet, and this one will prove tricky, once Celie and her siblings realize what else the Castle is hiding….”


More Castle Glower! More Celie! More fun! I love how George mixes the fun and humor with a pretty complex plot; it reminds me a bit of Diana Wynne Jones’s style. This plot goes into detail what was only glanced over in the first book, namely the origins of Castle Glower, and opened up the world in a nice way.

I have to say, the plot sort of blindsided me a bit. I wasn’t expecting griffins, or the Glorious Arkower, or the bit at the end. It was great, but unexpected. In a good way, though.

Speaking of griffins, Celie’s attempts to hide Rufus and her shock when Rolf just walks right by the door where Rufus is hidden were hilarious. I love the rapport between the siblings, and Lulath’s language is so much fun to read. These are some really great, memorable characters that George has created. And of course, who could forget the Castle?

Flat Squirrel. Chortle.

However, I’m not sure I like this book as much as the first. I’m still a bit blindsided by the plot, I think, and confused about what happened at the end. And there was a cliffhanger, sigh.

Rating: 4/5

Recommended Age Range: 10+

Warnings: None.

Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade


The egg simply exploded, shards flying everywhere, as Celie cowered, her arms protecting her face. When it was done, she lowered her arms and looked at the wet, crying, and terribly hideous creature in the nest.

“You’re not a roc,” she said uncertainly.

The creature stumbled toward the sound of her voice, screeching. It tripped over its long lion’s tail and fell on its eagle face, wings entangled in its claws.

“What am I going to do with a griffin?” Celie wailed.

~George 17

“You are all the best of Grathian speakers,” Lulath enthused, spreading his arms wide.

Celie snapped her attention back to Lulath, who had just finished helping them through the last page of the Grathian primer they’d been studying. He looked like he was near tears, and his dogs, sensing his emotion, were prancing in circles around his feet.

“I never thought, that here in the Castle of Glower, I would have so many, many of friends who would come to a learning of my language!”

~George 129-130

Overall Review:

Same great cast of characters as the first book, same fun shenanigans and dialogue. The Glorious Arkower part of the plot really threw me off, and I’m still wondering if I like it or not. However, the plot really opens up the world that George created, which is a good thing.

You can buy this here: Wednesdays in the Tower

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