The Dragon In The Sock Drawer: Strange, But Cute

The Dragon in the Sock Drawer is written by Kate Klimo. It was published in 2008 by Random House. It is the first book in the Dragon Keepers series. Klimo’s website can be found here


“Ten-year-old cousins Jesse and Daisy have always wanted something magical to happen to them. So it’s a wish come true when Jesse’s newly found thunder egg hatches, and a helpless, tiny but very loud baby dragon pops out. Soon the two kids are at the dragon’s beck-and-call, trying to figure out what to feed her.
An Internet search leads them to the library, which leads them back to the Internet, where they find a very strange Web site called “” It is here that the cousins discover that the dragon’s hatching has designated them “Dragon Keepers” and that not only do they have to feed her, but they have to keep her safe from the villainous Saint George who has kept himself alive over centuries by drinking dragons’ blood.”

What I Liked:

This was an interesting book. It’s some strange cross between historical lore and fantasy, with Saint George (that’s the Saint George from Saint George and the Dragon) as the villain and a talking website as the kids’ helper.

“Strange” is a good work to describe this book, really. From Daisy calling her dad “my adorable poppy,” to the talking website, to Emmy Talk. Ing. Like. This, to her disguising herself as a sheepdog…strange is definitely appropriate, here. But it was a good strange, or at least an “I can see myself reading more of the series” type of strange.

Loved the Narnia references! I also loved the illustrations.

What I Didn’t Like:

It was a bit simple for my tastes, and I’m not sure of any future plot potential it has.

Rating: 3/5

Recommended Age Range: 10+

Warnings: None.

Genre: Children’s, Fantasy, Realistic


In the middle of everything, something that looked like a lizard was standing on its hind legs and peering around. It was no bigger than a newborn kitten. Its bottom half was stout and covered with shiny scales. They were green (or blue, depending on how you moved your head), with the rainbow sheen of oil on a puddle. Sprouting from its shoulder blades were two dark green bumps, not so much wings as the idea of wings. Two long dark green ridges ran down its back and along its pointed tail. Its head looked like a sea horses’s, only broader.

Jesse knew very well what he was looking at. But he didn’t want to say it. So instead, he said, “Whoa!”

~Klimo 34

St. George’s eyes narrowed, and he said, “Hmmm. Well, I have to be going now. I have tests to do.”

“Wait a minute,” said Daisy. She pulled up the hem of her T-shirt and wiped away her tears. Then she took the purple kneesock out of her pocket. “She needs this.”

St. George stared at the sock suspiciously. “Why?”

“It’s far too complex for a mere grown-up to grasp,” Jesse said through his teeth. “She just needs it, St. George.”

“That’s Dr. St. George,” he said. “And where I come from, one pronounces it Sin George.”

~Klimo 105

Overall Review:

The Dragon in the Sock Drawer is strange, but the kind of strange that’s oddly appealing and leaves you wanting to read some more. Emmy’s pretty cute, and Klimo has at least the potential of a good lore behind the series, although the book is pretty simple and the series might fail to deliver on that front.

You can buy this here: The Dragon in the Sock Drawer

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