Ambush: Goodbye, Wise-Cracking Goofy Boy Hero

Ambush is written by Obert Skye. It was published in 2012 by Shadow Mountain. It is the last book in the Pillage trilogy. Skye’s website can be found here.


“What can happen on an innocent field trip to a museum? In the secure protection of a jail? Or on a simple bus ride? Plenty, if you are a member of the Pillage family and your name is Beck Phillips. No matter what strangeness is going on, Beck still manages to turn things on their head.

When Beck’s personality and behavior begin to change after he makes a fateful, life-altering decision involving—what else?—a dragon egg, there is no one around to stop him from fulfilling his family’s destiny set out in The Grim Knot. And as life in Kingsplot moves unwittingly toward the brink of another dragon disaster, Beck finds himself living a life of deception as he hides information from the people who love and care about him the most.

In this final episode of the Pillogy series, with the destructive forces of his family heritage running strong and unhindered, Beck must now face the truth and rise to the challenge of stopping the madness or succumb to the draconic chaos he has helped create.”

~Inside Flap

What I Liked:

The cover art on this one is way cool. Plus, it’s purple and I love purple.

Finally, Beck (maybe) learned something and matured and developed. At least, he realizes that he needs to, anyway.

Beck and Kate’s relationship was pretty realistic in this one. Actually, I think I even cheered at a certain point because Kate was spot-on in yelling at Beck.

Beck’s house is really cool. I’m a sucker for books that feature houses with lots of cool things in them, like secret passageways and things, which is why books like Return to Gone-Away and The Four-Story Mistake (both by Elizabeth Enright!) are some of my favorites. The elevator takes the cake, though. More books need to feature cool houses like this.

Cover Art

What I Didn’t Like:

This series I actually liked less and less each book I read. In the first book, Beck’s antics are funny. In the second one, they get a little annoying. And in this one, you start wondering if Beck has even learned anything at all. I was so sick of Beck’s attitude, I didn’t even care that half of his feelings were being manipulated by a king dragon.

Kate is still a flat character. Wyatt remains as useless of a character as ever. Beck’s dad is awful.

I actually prefer this series to be one book, and that book to be Pillage, the first one. Pillage also has superior plot development and twists.

Rating: 3/5

Recommended Age Range: 14+

Warnings: None.

Genre: Fantasy, Realistic, Young Adult



“Listen, Beck,” Sheriff Pax insisted. “I feel like for the first time I’m waking up, and I can see that something isn’t right here. Dragons aren’t real; cacti don’t walk across town. I’m an officer of the law, and those things don’t make sense.”

“I agree with you totally,” I said supportively.

“Beck,” Sheriff Pax snapped. “This is me being as honest with you as I can. What happened last night in your cell?”

~Skye 79

When I reached the opening, I allowed myself to laugh again. This time, however, it was a little less maniacal. I crawled out of the chute and fell onto the floor. I grabbed the stone out of my pocket and looked at it in awe.

“Why did I ever let you go?” I questioned.

Of course if Kate were here, I would have had someone reminding me exactly why. But Kate wasn’t here, and the stone and I were reunited. Now I simply needed the right place to plant it. I wasn’t worried. It seemed as if the whole of nature was out to help me, and, to be quite honest, I was too hopped up on stone magic to recognize that just maybe it was helping me to my demise.

~Skye 150

Overall Review:

Ambush continues in the trend of the first two books, which for me means that I got really sick of Beck. I also got really sick of the Wise-Cracking, Goofy Boy Hero trope because of this trilogy. It’s a decent trilogy that has pretty cool things in it (like dragons!), but overall, the characters just drag the series down.

You can buy this book here: Ambush

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