Series Week: Introduction

It’s time for something I’ve been planning for quite a while…

*blinking lights*



Welcome to the first Series Week (henceforth known as SW), where, as the title clearly states, I review a series over the course of a week (or more)! Here’s how this is going to work:

1.) To classify as a series for SW, the series must be at least 4 books long, although I’ll probably be shooting more for series that have at least 7 so it can last a whole week.

2.) I will be reviewing each book individually, one a day, with the same format as my other reviews.

3.) My last post will be a follow-up post to the reviews and will look back at the series as a whole: how successful I thought it was, how it grew and developed throughout each book, etc. I will also include a list of my ranking of the books in the series, from favorite to least favorite.

That’s about it! The first series I will be reviewing is a childhood favorite of mine: The Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

The Little House Books

I will be reviewing these books in order, with the exception of The First Four Years, as it was published posthumously and unedited (it was a first draft). The reviews will start tomorrow and will run through until Thursday, with Wednesday being the last book review and Thursday being a wrap-up.

Here’s a bit of information about the Little House books:

Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote the Little House series based on her memories of her childhood. Some of the places described still exist and are considered historical sites. Her daughter, Rose, helped her edit them and Garth Williams did the illustrations of the books currently in print. The book are considered classic children’s literature and inspired the television series Little House on the Prairie, which ran for 9 seasons.

Little House on the Prairie

I’ll see you tomorrow for the first book in the series: Little House in the Big Woods!

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