Entwined: Go and Read This Book Right Now

Entwined is Heather Dixon’s first book (I’ve noticed I’m reading a lot of firsts). It was published in 2011 by Greenwillow Books (an imprint of HarperCollins) and is based on the fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Go check out her blog here. It’s as amazing as this book. She draws comics of her life. How is that not amazing?

Genre: Fantasy

Cover Art


“Azalea is trapped. Just when she should feel that everything is before her…beautiful gowns, dashing suitors, balls filled with dancing…it’s taken away. All of it.

 The Keeper understands. He’s trapped, too, held for centuries within the walls of the palace. And so he extends an invitation.

Every night, Azalea and her eleven sisters may step through the enchanted passage in their room to dance in his silver forest.

But there is a cost.

The Keeper likes to keep things.

Azalea may not realize how tangled she is in his web until it is too late.”

~Inside flap



“Miss Bramble!” said the King.

“Down with tyranny!” Bramble cried. “Aristocracy! Autocracy! Monocracy! Other ocracy things! You are outnumbered, sir! Surrender!”

~Dixon 148

“Good heavens,” said Mr. Bradford. “There’s a lady in my coat closet.”

~Dixon 311

“I’m in agony now, hoping that my steward will convince you. If not I think I’ll break all the windows in the house and drown myself in a bucket.”

~Dixon 376

“How dare you!” Azalea screamed…. “How dare you! I’ll tear your eyes out!”

~Dixon 430

“Oh, look, the King’s gone out to greet him.”

“With a gun,” said Bramble.

~Dixon 458

Warnings: None, except for a creepy antagonist

Recommended Age Range: 12+

Rating: 5/5

What I Liked:

Did the lengthy quote section give you any hint that I adore this book? This was the most fun, most witty, most fantastic fantasy I have read in a long time. I actually laughed out loud at several points, which I normally don’t do. This book got better and better as it went along. I didn’t want it to end, but it ended fantastically.  I don’t even know what to say about it, I loved it so much.

First of all, the princesses. Their names (Azalea, Bramble, Clover, Delphinium, Evening Primrose (Eve), Flora, Goldenrod, Hollyhock, Ivy, Jessamine, Kale, and Lily). Their antics. Their relationship with their father. They call their father “the King” which tells you a whole lot right there. I loved loved loved the development of the father/daughter relationship. Three cheers for the King and for his boxing men in the face and throwing them out of the palace because they saw his daughters with no shoes on.

Three cheers for Mr. Bradford and Lord Teddie (Rippingly ripping!).

Three cheers for Heather Dixon!

What I Didn’t Like:

The blurb doesn’t give the book any justice. The book was ten times better than what the inside flap described.

Nitpicky: Dixon took rather a lot of liberties with the original fairy tale, but the book was fantastic so I don’t really care.

Overall Review:

Go and read this book right now.

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