Let’s Get This Started: An Introduction

Well, well. Welcome to my blog! As a first post, I thought I’d describe what exactly I’ll be doing and how I’ll be doing it. I also briefly describe it on my About page if you want to check that out as well. Simply put, I will be reading Young Adult (henceforth known as YA) novels and then reviewing/discussing them. I’ll be doing that in a specific format, which I will be getting to in a moment.

First, though, I want to say that this blog is not just for those who like to read YA books as I do. I also want to conduct this blog in a manner that will allow adults/parents to see what exactly is in the books their family/children are reading, in a manner similar to Plugged In. This will also allow those who like to read YA to see what is in specific books so they can decide accordingly what they want to read. Therefore, I will be including warnings in my reviews. More on that when I get into formatting.

The YA books I will be reviewing will be mainly in the fantasy, edgy/gritty/”tough reads”dystopian and/or supernatural categories/genres. These are the types of books that I personally enjoy reading. I may also include children’s literature, historical fiction, and classical literature, depending on what I am reading at the moment. Any recommendations are also welcome, in any genre (even paranormal).

I’ll try to avoid spoilers, since I want people to go out and read these books if they haven’t. If I need to, I’ll use spoiler tags.

Now, onto formatting. Here’s a rough outline of how I will be conducting the reviews. This may change as I get more experienced at this.

Introduction: Exactly what it states; my introduction to this book. Author, title, cover photo.

Genre: The genre of the book.

Summary/Blurb: Either my own summary or the blurb from the back of the book/inside flap or a combination of both.

Passage/Quotes: I may include a passage from the book, or a few favorite quotes.

Warnings: This will be a list of the materials/topics included in the book of which I feel people should be aware in case there is something about which they would not generally want to read. This would include swearing, sex, violence, graphic images, etc. I’ll be more descriptive as it pertains to the book.

Recommended Age Range: This will be my own range based on the content of the book. This is entirely my own opinion as to what age should read which things, and so should not be taken as concrete.

What I Liked: Finally, moving on to the review part! This will be a discussion of what I liked about the book: themes, images, prose, characters, ideas, etc.

What I Disliked: Same as above, except opposite. What I didn’t like about themes, images, prose, characters, ideas, etc. I tend to like a lot of the books I read so this section may be short on some books, although I will try not to leave it blank.

Overall Review: This will be my general impression of the book. I’ll state whether it’s a worthwhile read or whether certain ages should probably stay away from it, etc.

This will be the format I will follow, and I’ll try to stick to it pretty closely. I might change around the order a little bit according to my own feelings and other people’s suggestions.

As for my schedule, I’ll try to post bi-weekly. I’ll most likely post whenever I finish reading a book, so this schedule might be more often or less often depending on how much time I have to read.

Remember, these reviews are based entirely on my own thoughts, feelings, and opinions, which may or may not be the same as your own. Therefore, there will be some measure of subjectivity, although I will try to be as objective as I can. Feel free to leave your own thoughts, comments, impressions, disagreements, etc. in the comments section. I would ask that you resist from mocking/flaming/disparaging other people.

Finally, here are the books that I will be reviewing first, not necessarily in this order:

Frost by Marianna Baer (realistic/tough read)

The False Princess by Eilis O’Neal (fantasy)

Enclave by Ann Aguirre (dystopian)

Shine by Lauren Myracle (realistic/tough read)

I’ve finished all these books already, so I’ll probably post one review a day, starting today. So keep checking back!


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